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DH Reflexology

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Wednesday - 9am

Church of Our Savior

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Based on Taoist philosophy and martial exercise, Tai Chi is a slow, graceful form of moving meditation that is both relaxing and invigorating.


The deliberate movements are designed to promote healthy posture and release unnecessary tension in the body, teaching us to move with greater ease and conscious control.


Rather than isolating and targeting specifc areas of the body, Tai Chi seeks to connect and unify all movement, therefore developing and enhancing our sense of balance and coordination.

As we become more in tune with physical structure and how we move through space, we also begin to connect our minds to the internal rhythms of the body, such as the breath and heartbeat, and integrate them into the movements.

This merging of body and mind has a profound impact on all systems of the body and ultimately allows us to reconnect with the natural fow of the world within and around us.

Tai Chi